Substitute Player List

Winnipeg Coed Volleyball provide this list for players who are available to substitute on another team for the upcoming / current season.

Note: You must be a registered player on a WCVL team to be added on this list.

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Name Sex Phone Email Tier Pos Availability
Joan SeradillaFemale20478143261Pwr/RSWhen every team is not playing
Sonia becenkoFemale2044792525Soniabecenko@hotmail.com1Pwr/RSAnytime
Stan korolMale431-997-7433weis3@msn.com11Any
michael bernauerMale2049304652bernauer_m@yahoo.com11Anyany time.
Dave TMale798.9336 (204)davesub01@gmail.com11AnyHighest tier subbed T7. Can play any time. Plz text.
Brittney TinckFemale204-890-4234ney.tinck@hotmail.com11Pwr/RSAnytime my team isnt playing. Sub often.
Gavin HarperMale(204)-890-325312Anyjust text me ahead of time
Melyssa WardFemale(204) 997-1300melyssa_ward@hotmail.ca12AnyWhenever my team isn't playing
SerenaFemale204-999-8637serena.ks9@gmail.com13AnyAnytime my teams not playing.
AngFemale431588949413Pwr/RSanytime my team isn't playing.
KatFemale204-510-330113S/RSAs long as I’m not already playing
Rick SeradillaMale204-781-085913S/RSAnytime my team is not playing.
Ryan DingwallMale2042609525RyanSDingwall@gmail.com14AnyAny time that doesn't interfere with my team
Junel Male2047701324junela.trinidad@outlook.com14AnyAnytime I'm not playing
Brent MccaughanMale2044793499brentzilla@shaw.ca14Anypls text or call me to play. If I am not playing already I will come out.
Jack TranMale204998867806jtran@gmail.com14Any
Stean ReimerMale2043300007stean_reimer@hotmail.com15MAnytime my team isn't playing! Normally play middle but can play any position aside for setter!
Jon TreloarMale2042998599j-treloar@hotmail.com16AnyPlayed many years of beach, coed and men’s leagues. Currently play in WMVL also. Anytime my team isn’t playing
Davilene MoniasFemale204-679-7582davilene_08@msn.com16Pwr/RSAvailable anytime my team isn't playing.
Ashley BeckFemale12048071711ashleybeck_6@hotmail.com16Pwr/RSPlay women’s tier 4 and can sub any time my team isn’t plaing
Jack TranMale204998867806jtran@gmail.com18AnyAnytime when Team Morningwood isn't playing.
Phil DaoMale2049951781philtdao@gmail.com18Any
Selena LevandoskiFemale2045095535selena.levandoski@hotmail.com18Pwr/RSPlayed tier 8 last year. Available anytime my team isn't playing
Sylvain BourgeoisMale2049968494sylvain.bourgeois@dsfm.mb.ca3AnyAny time
Quinn GilchristMale204.391.2208gilchrist.quinn@gmail.com3PwrWhen my team isn't playing, I can set and hit.
Adrienne dwan Female807-464-2612Adrienne.dwan@yahoo.com3Pwr
CrystalFemale204-296-4789crystal_smith40@hotmail.com3SCan also play Pwr/RS
Samantha ProbettsFemale2049974715samsammer321@gmail.com5AnyEvery second Sunday for tiers 1-5.
Agata JanczakFemale(204) 802-4462Seenoos@hotmail.com5PwrAnytime Penguin Attack is not playing
Darlene KeeperFemale2049904804nasrollahiann@gmail.com5Pwr/RSAnytime
Becca BrownFemale204-557-944517brown.becca17@gmail.com6AnyAnytime Hot Sweaty Sets isn’t playing
JeanneFemale2047126564jeaembau@gmail.com8AnyAnytime- available for all tiers
Stan korolMale431-998-69338AnyMost anytime 🏐
Kaytlin WaddellFemale2049180865kaytlin.waddell@gmail.com8AnyAnytime my team isn't playing. I set for my team but also can hit power or middle - played in college.
Christine YabutFemale(204)298-4256christinejyabut@gmail.com8PwrAnytime my team is not playing.
Kelly MirandaFemale2042272889kamiranda23@hotmail.com8Pwr/RSWhenever my team isn’t playing. Competitive, smart thinking, consistent, team player. Played beach and playing women’s and coed. Been playin for 7 yrs
Renz ReyesMale2049528198rreyes0912@gmail.com8S/RS
Gavin HarperMalegavinpjharper93@gmail.com9AnyEmail me ahead of time, play often
Trish HolmesFemale2049906534trish.holmes@shaw.ca9Pwr/RSAny time


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