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Winnipeg Coed Volleyball provide this list for players who are available to substitute on another team for the upcoming / current season.

Note: You must be a registered player on a WCVL team to be added on this list.

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Name Sex Phone Email Tier Pos Availability
Ryan DingwallMale204260952510AnyAnytime outside of my games
Anna MikhailitchenkoFemale9057817510mikhaila@myumanitoba.ca10AnyPretty open, just text and ask! Played tier 6 & 7 full-time for 2yrs but wanted to mix it up this year!
Kelly M Female2042272889kamiranda23@hotmail.com10Pwr/RSWhenever my team isn’t playing
Ashley BeckFemale12048071711ashleybeck_6@hotmail.com11AnyAnytime my team isn’t playing.
Melyssa WardFemale(204) 997-1300melyssa_ward@hotmail.ca11AnyAny time my team is not playing.
Junel A. Trinidad Male204.770.1324junela.trinidad@outlook.com12AnyAny time my team is not playing.
Serena StimpsonFemale204-999-863712AnyAnytime my team doesn't play
Brittney TinckFemale204-890-4234ney.tinck@hotmail.com12Pwr/MWhenever my team is not playing.
kat whitesideFemale204510330113Anycan play as setter also , any time
brent mccaughanMale2044793499brentzilla@shaw.ca13Anyanytime not playing & can play tier 1 to 13
Jon Treloar Male12042998599J-treloar@hotmail.com13AnyAnytime
Ashley BeckFemale12048071711ashleybeck_6@hotmail.com13AnyAnytime
Jon TreloarMale2042998599j-treloar@hotmail.com13AnyAnytime
Stean ReimerMale(204)330-0007stean_reimer@hotmail.com13MWhenever my team is not playing!
GavinMale(204)-890-3253gavinpjharper93@gmail.com14AnyText me ahead of time! Highest tier subbed 9, can play a little higher.
Steph HansFemale2045090078stephanie.hans@hotmail.com14Pwr/RSAnytime I’m not already playing, just text me :)
Shalene HarperFemale2049633959shalene.t.harper25@gmail.com14Pwr/RSText me a head of time, no last minutes.
Whitney MoirFemale204-761-7894whtneymoir@hotmail.com15AnyWhenever my team is not playing.
Dave TMale798.9336 (204)davevb01@gmail.com15AnyPlz txt. Highest tier subbed T6. No lower than 14 plz.
Megan SernowskiFemale2049908933megansernowski@gmail.com15Pwr/RSAvailable whenever my team isn’t playing! Competitive player that brings a positive attitude to the court.
Dustin WilsonMale204-390-1585ddwilson@mts.net16AnyAnytime my team is not playing; Normally set for my team;
Selena LevandoskiFemale204-509-5535selena.levandoski@hotmail.com16AnyAny time I'm not playing. Just message me :)
Nick KeoghMale4166970217nkeogh17@gmail.com16Pwr/MAs long as I know beforehand
Logan ThackerMale2047951980togan.lhacker@gmail.com16Pwr/RSAvailable whenever my team isn’t playing! 17AnyAnytime
Adam KowalMale1-204-951-3772adam.kowal@gmail.com2AnyWill play for cola.
Becca BrownFemale204-557-944517brown.becca17@gmajl.com3AnyAny time my team isn’t playing
Nico MonetteMale4313740780nicomonette2@gmail.com5AnyWhenever
Carlo DungcaMale2044512680john_carlo_06@hotmail.com6Pwr/MText or e-mail for availability.
Allison ZimmerFemale2048017925allisonzimmer@gmail.com6SPretty open, just text me to confirm! Like to win & looking for a challenge.
Agata JanczakFemale2048024462seenoos@hotmail.com7AnyPretty open as I'm only playing casually
Dan MacIntoshMale204-237-1031 cell 291-8124danmac10@mymts.net7Scurrently on spare list for them . Open to play most anytime
Sandie VanHelvertFemale2042975950sandiev6@outlook.com8AnyAnytime
Renee YipFemale6474023135Renee.yip@hotmail.com8AnyAny time
Raine LindenbergFemale2042919110Raine.wpg@gmail.com8AnyAs long as my current team isn’t playing
Stan Korol Male431-997-74339AnyAlmost always
Natasha BouchardFemale2047125528natashabouchard9@gmail.com9M/RSText me


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