Frequently Asked Questions


Q. My team needs a sub, can I bring anyone to play for my team to fill in?
A. If your team needs a sub, that sub has to be registered in the WCVL to play. Depending on your tier where your team plays, you can only bring a sub from another team that plays on the same tier or lower. There are exceptions to the sub rule for the lowest tier levels, and they are outlined in the WCVL executive policy.  The sub's name, tier and team must be listed ont he scoresheet.
Q. What does it mean "lower" and "higher" tiers?
A. WCVL tiers are numbered based on skill, with the highest tier being tier 1 and the lowest being tier 18 (currently the lowest tier).
Q. My team cannot make a game, what do we do?
A. As soon as you know that you cannot make a game, inform your tier convenor right away to cancel the match and attempt a reschedule with the other team. If you don't give enough notice, your team will be fined the default fee. Teams that are rescheduling matches are responsible for making up the time outside of the league, but help can be provided by your tier convenor should you require assistance. Understandably, situations arise when a team cannot inform their tier convenors with enough notice prior to the match. These circumstances can be discussed with the tier convenor, and will be assessed as fair as possible.
Q. Half or more of my team is missing for playoffs, and we can't play our match. What will happen?
A. Your team will default the match, and will be fined the default match fee. It is unfortunate, but playoffs happen around the same time every year, and this is outlined in the important dates of the WCVL website, and WCVL executive policy. Scheduling playoffs is very difficult, as there is only a week typically to schedule all teams and place them accordingly from the end of the last round robin. Once the schedules are set, they cannot be changed as restructuring a game when all the games have been allotted will be extremely difficult and will require time to reorganize that is just not available!
Q. We have an a player that cannot play at their full capacity and would like to bring in a sub in the event that we need them. Is this allowed?
A. Yes.  As of 2017 you can bring in an extra male and/or female that is a legitimate substitute in a case such as this.  This is to allow leniancy for those coming back from injury, might be pregnant, may need to leave early for an emergency.