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Team Name Tier Contact Phone Email Pos Notes
Hootie Hoo10+Joel St Goddard204-232-1626jst_goddard@hotmail.comAny
Just the Tip3-5Crystal Smith24-296-4789crystal_smith40@hotmail.comAnyCompetitive Tier 2-3 team in league for years. Looking for 1-2 full time males to join our team.
Motivated For Sets3-5Clement Seyi(204) 250-9574seyi_cleo@yahoo.frPwrWe are in tier 5. Looking for 2 competitive girls to join us for the new season. Our goal is to play in tier 2-3 next year. If you want to try this challenge with us, you are very welcomed.
Fraggle Block8-10Marc2042939497marchoe@me.comS



Individual Player List

Winnipeg Coed Volleyball provide this list for players looking for a team for the upcoming / current season. Looking for a team? Click here to Sign Up

Name Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Alex Ethier (M)2047931939agesaces@shaw.caAnySPlayed for years, and then had some ankle injuries...and had to take a few years off. Used to play equivalent to Tier 2...but need to rebuild skills.
saurin patel (M)14319999576saurin.878@gmail.com1-3RSLearner
Bruce Wiebe (M)2048014321brcwiebe24@gmail.comAnyAny5 years
Dylan Power (M)dylanpower05@gmail.com1-3AnyPlayed college/club/provincial team level.
Uros Tabakovic (M)2042848204urkedelija@yahoo.comAnySOver 10 years
Lauren Corlett (F)2043333350lauricorlett@gmail.com2-4RSJust moved to Winnipeg and looking to join a team. Played competitive OVA back in Ontario for 7 years and coached/ref'd throughout Uni.
Gondim (M)4315887086pringlesinn@gmail.com10+AnyI just arrived to the city, coming from Brazil. I have played seriously for the last 3 years, but only played 6-0. I'm up for anything
Dale Precourt (M)204-990-3253precourt_4@hotmail.com2-4S/RSPlayed in their 2 last year with team Kaos. Team was full this year. I set but can also pass and hit. Willing to play in any tier. Or just as a sub.
Benjamin Verkerk (M)2043803887ben.verkerk@gmail.com7-9Pwr/Mleft-handed, 6'1. I play most sports. won the intramural league twice during grad school (~5000 student school). Not sure how the tiers measure me up.
Marc (M)2042955600mguzzi12@gmail.comAnyRS
Nghia Tran (M)2049976946nghiatranphotography@gmail.comAnyAnyHigh school, first year of university
Regan Pitt (M)2049957153reganpitt@ymail.comAnyPwr/MPlayed on an intermediate singles team in calgary for a season and back in high school recreationally.
Errol Coloma (M)204-999-7926erlcoloma@hotmail.comAnyAny
Brooke Davison (F)2042279039umdav247@myumanitoba.caAnyPwr/MPlayed throughout high school. Looking for a fun team somewhat competitive. Played Rec a few years ago for 2 seasons. A little rusty but missing it
Serena Phillips (F)2047705760serenap721@gmail.comAnyRSplayed high school and club volleyball. graduated two years ago and have been coaching since but miss playing and want to start again
Keyshawn wood (M)woodkeyshawn@gmail.comAnyPwr/RSPlayed highschool & a bit of college. Looking to get back into it again! I been training to get my vert back & I wanna play vball again.
Michael Bernauer (M)204 930 4652bernauer_m@yahoo.com10+AnyPlayed highschool.
Noah Doornbos (M)2044068395noahmarkjohn@gmail.comAnyS/RS19. Played in school grades 7-12. Competitive young buck. 5’10” in height.
Patrick Vallee (M)204-899-5501pat.vallee1@gmail.comAnyPwr/M6'0. Played in High School up until grade 11. 26 years old. Looking for a fun team to play with
Tara Mychalyshyn (F)204 430 8785gemmi1@mymts.net10+AnyMet JZ at rescue event today and found out about this. Not sure what tier I might be, played volleyball through school years ago.
Mikaela Kroeker (F)204-688-8709mikaelakroeker16@gmail.comAnyPwr/RSPlayed my whole life. High School, College, and have been playing a competitive league in Morden
Jeanne (F)2047126564jeaembau@gmail.com6-8Any5'6- can play all positions - used to a 5.1 rotations-have played competitive vball for 10+ years. Looking for a fun competitive team!
Natalie (F)2049981745Ncoad77@gmail.com10+S/RSPlayed Last year
James (M)204-960-5461bluelinefoster@yahoo.ca10+Any6'2, Fit and Athletic....just a little rusty!!
Reymar Paragas (M)2048808853R—paragas@hotmail.comAnyRSIm deaf but im experienced in volleyball
Pamela Friesen (F)204-801-0198pfriesen8@hotmail.com8-10AnyPlayed in middle school and high school, looking to get back into it and compete a bit
Tyler Jones (M)2049180246tyjones007 @ hotmail. comAnyAnyPlayed coed before looking for a fun/competitive team
Conrad franklin (M)1587 401 0423AnySPlayed alot ...know the game
Lauren Nicholson (F)2049609044Lauren.t.nicholson@gmail.com3-5M/RSI’m 24 years old, 5’10, and I’m looking for team to be a rostered sub. Played tiers 3-4 past 7 years. Very dedicated and reliable :)
Corey Woods (M)204-620-5285coreysnowwoods@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed Highschool then intramural ball while attending university, now looking to join a league. have experience at power, right side and some setting
Lisa Kropla (F)2045092135lisakropla@gmail.com10+M/RSI'm 5'10. Been playing vball on and off for the last 12 years and looking to have some competitive fun!
Breanne Peters (F)2046882733Rogers56b@gmail.comAnyS28y/o Very experienced setter, willing to play any position.


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