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Team Name Tier Contact Phone Email Pos Notes
The Gold Cuervo ClassicsAnyJacqueline Young204.793.2702Jacqueline@stationpointphotographic.comAnyThis season will be our third year in the league. We're starting in tier 15 but are looking to keep growing as a team. We play competitively but want to have fun! Currently looking for a full-time female player.
Goodfellas5-7Souad Ghrooda 2049982131sjuima@yahoo.comAny
Bump...Set...Believe!10+Heston Holtmann204-333-7492HESTON@GMAIL.COMAnyTier 16 Team. Need a Full Time Male and Female; Commitment to show up is MORE important than skills.
Net AssetsAnyRyan Shymko2049559682ryanjs@mymts.netAnyCurrently in Tier 17- have been as high as 15. We are a competitive team that goes out to have fun. We are looking for a well-rounded female as a fourth female for our team.
In Your Face2-4Lisa Paillé2042944466lisa@6pmarketing.comPwr/M
Net Monsters1-3Tim Persaud 2049554321timpersaud@gmail.comAny
Just the Tip2-4Crystal Smith204-296-4789crystal_smith40@hotmail.comAnyExperienced tier 2-3 competive team looking for same, reliable MALE to join us. Contact to discuss more in detail.



Individual Player List

Winnipeg Coed Volleyball provide this list for players looking for a team for the upcoming / current season. Looking for a team? Click here to Sign Up

Name Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Zach Noga (M)2043969270Zach.noga12@hotmail.com3-5Pwr/RSPlayed 2 years of college/play co Ed tournaments
Kelvin Wong (M)2049986021Kw_m6@hotmail.comAnyAny
Rei Israel Manlulu (M)2042914009reimanlulu@yahoo.com10+AnyHave a very little exposure to volleyball but willing to learn and dedicate time for this sport.
Quinn Gilchrist (M)4313351409gilchrist.quinn@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed in College, 6'2 and can play any position
Nicole SJ (F)2045906443nicolearianasj@gmail.com4-6Pwr/RS
Michael 'Zan' Codilan (M)2042308995michaelchange1020@gmail.com10+MNo experience
Juliano Nieckaz de Assis (M)2042281036JULIANO_ASSIS@HOTMAIL.COM10+Any35, 6'5 Played in High School
Alex Ethier (M)2047931939agesaces@shaw.caAnySPrimarily a setter, but will play most anywhere. Can hold my own at most any level, but a bit rusty right will take a few sets to get skills back up.
James (M)204-509-3545tobaguy@gmail.com10+Any41yo, haven’t played in the league for a few years but last tier played was 4 and have played as high as 1 when the body was young and still resilient.
Arnold (M)204-898-9371arnold.rivera@ymail.com5-7Pwr/RS4 years of experience playing coed. started playing in tier13 up to tier5.
Rudy Strempler (M)2049959048rrstrempler@hotmail.com6-8S/RSPlayed high school, 1 year college, many years of coed court, sand as well as senior men’s. Looking for a fun team that isn’t to serious.
Sree (M)2045735765krsreedar@gmail.comAnyAnyNew to the city & been playing for over 10 years.Played a co-ed league in Neepawa for the past 2 years.
Kirill Tchernykh (M)6048680383kirilltchernykh85@gmail.com10+AnyRec level
David Lafreniere (M)2048994995dlafren@hotmail.comAnyAnyHigh school varsity
Trevor Lux (M) AnyPwr/M6'4 - 38 years old. Previously played co-ed and mens Tiers 2& 3 until around 2010. Looking to get back into volleyball. Been a few years :)
Emma waters (F)2042267186Emma-waters-wolfe@hotmail.com1-3S/RSMany years high level experience including university.
Qianbin Shi (F)4319901188shiqb1998@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed competitvely in high school and have 3 years experience as a outside hitter. Open to anything and just want to engage.
Joey Ada (M)12042956658Joe.jeun@yahoo.ca6-8Any33 years old, 6’1 tall.
Mark Intalan (M)2049982061 via textmsantiago8683@gmail.comAnyS
Georgia-Rae Maxwell (F)204-724-8229GRMaxwell.GRM@gmail.com1-3Pwr/RSExtensive volleyball experience at the high school and club volleyball levels.
Wayne McLeod (M)2046190568wcmcleod22@hotmail.com10+Any54 yrs, 6.1
Tessa Lavallee (F)204-791-7832tessalavallee@yahoo.caAnyPwr/MHave been playing volleyball for 13 years.
DeLorean Padua (M)2045103356Deloreanp@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed coed for several years full time team was T9 but subbed for T2-5 teams, prefer quick low sets closer to the net when hitting
Bolade Opeseitan (F)2042972259bolaopeseitan@hotmail.caAnyAnyI played in high school but haven't played for a little while. Open to anything. Just looking to come play and have some fun.
Adam Thompson (M)2047120513Adam.s.thompson99@gmail.comAnyM20 yr old. Played High school and currently playing Men’s league Tier 3.
Jesse Paul (M)4315885448j.paul231177@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed in High school
Pheb (F)2045834214Phebeoluwafemi@yahoo.caAnyAnyPlayed volleyball in high school but havent played for a while so a little rusty.
Laura Saj (M)2044613083laura.e.saj@gmail.com8-10Pwr/RSPlay competitive co-ed for the last 8 years as well as women's court and coed beach.
Patrick Vallee (M)2048995501pat.vallee1@gmail.comAnyPwr27 Y/O looking to play again, played in highschool & club VB. Looking to be in tier 10-15
Brittney (F)2042909893Brittneyshimaro@hotmail.comAnyAny
Clinton (M)2042957078clintonb2@gmail.comAnyPwr/MBeginner. 6 foot tall.
ernie flett (M)204 298 4386ernestjflett@gmail.comAnyAnylooking to get on team for this season
Bonar Lund (M)4319990945Bonar_14@outlook.comAnyAnyAll through middle school and high school. Team one championship in middle school . In high school I was a middle and Libero. Also can set prettygood
Sara Crate (F)(431) 999-0945Saracrate93@gmail.comAnyMAll through middle school and high school. Team one championship in middle school . In high school I was a middle and Libero. Also can set prettygood
Ben Hodges (M)2049810500ben.1.hodges@gmail.com10+AnyMy gf and I Would like to join team together. Both of us have played regularly
Mark Krongold (M)403-7086798markkrongold@gmail.comAnyS/RS28yo 5'10
Leslie B (F) (F)204-583-275310+AnyPlayed high school and club teams. Also played in this league but it's been about 10 years.
Shelby (F)2043814142sverrier1717@gmail.com2-4Pwr/MHigh school grades 8 to 12
Ruslan Sychevskyi (M)2048993799ruslan.sychevsky@gmail.com10+Any
Jack Tran (M)204998867806jtran@gmail.com6-8Pwr/RS
Allan Sobotkiewicz (M)204-995-9845aldosojr@gmail.com10+AnyI am 6.2
Zarreen Barlas (F)2049790571zarreen.barlas@gmail.comAnyPwr/MI played in high school then their 2 and 3. I havent played in over 6 years so I am rusty. Open to anything.
Kyle Grant (M)2048983568kyle.l.grant@gmail.comAnyAny
Cheyenne Jesmer (F)4315571175cheyennejesmer8@gmail.com1-3Pwr/RSGrew up playing hs and club volleyball, continued after hs and just would love to join a team this upcoming season! 21 y/o
Ryan Lawson (M)2049999132ryan_lawson5@hotmail.comAnyAnyPlayed Tier 2 and 3 coed. Just looking to play and have fun.
Danielle (F)2042311021dancor28@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed 2 seasons so far. In season 18 then 19. I may have another girl and boy interested
Bernard Gregoire (M)2048016154bernardgregoire2@gmail.com10+AnyBeginner. Some beach volleyball experience. 6'3
Justin Poirier (M)2046983136jn.gr414@gmail.comAnyAnyFew years
Renz Reyes (M)2049528198rreyes0912@gmail.com7-9S/RSPlayed tier 8-10
Ogechi Asagwara (F)(204) 330-1981ogechiasagwara@hotmail.com6-8Pwr/RSPlayed in coed for a few years now, tier 5 last season. Competitive, well rounded player.
Megan Mosiuk (F)2047300618meganmosiuk@hotmail.com3-5Pwr/RSPlayed 2 seasons of tier 2/3 women's and 1 season tier 5 co-ed, able to play every Sunday no conflicts
Lori Levenec (F)204-223-7009loriamber2@yahoo.caAnyMAll games (looking for new team, moving back to Winnipeg!)
Gurvinder (F)2046985619gurvinder_13@hotmail.comAnySI played 15 years but 16 yers ago
Darlene Keeper (F)2049904804nasrollahiann@gmail.com2-4Pwr/RS
Nick Keogh (M)4166970217nkeogh17@gmail.comAnyPwr/MBrand new to Winnipeg. Played competitive all throughout high school. 23 yo
Sarah Mfula (F)2044302792sarah.mfula@yahoo.comAnyAny
Roys Philip (M)807 3564810roysphilip007@gmail.com10+S7 years of experience, 5 years particularly as a setter.
Eden Stuart (F)2046121976Eden_volleyball@hotmail.com6-8Pwr/RS25yo. 5’9”. Have been playing competitively for over 10 years. Have played every position. Looking for a fun team that loves the game as much as I do!


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