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Name Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Zach Noga (M)2043969270Zach.noga12@hotmail.com3-5Pwr/RSPlayed 2 years of college/play co Ed tournaments
Kelvin Wong (M)2049986021Kw_m6@hotmail.comAnyAny
Rei Israel Manlulu (M)2042914009reimanlulu@yahoo.com10+AnyHave a very little exposure to volleyball but willing to learn and dedicate time for this sport.
Quinn Gilchrist (M)4313351409gilchrist.quinn@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed in College, 6'2 and can play any position
Nicole SJ (F)2045906443nicolearianasj@gmail.com4-6Pwr/RS
Michael 'Zan' Codilan (M)2042308995michaelchange1020@gmail.com10+MNo experience
Juliano Nieckaz de Assis (M)2042281036JULIANO_ASSIS@HOTMAIL.COM10+Any35, 6'5 Played in High School
Alex Ethier (M)2047931939agesaces@shaw.caAnySPrimarily a setter, but will play most anywhere. Can hold my own at most any level, but a bit rusty right will take a few sets to get skills back up.
James (M)204-509-3545tobaguy@gmail.com10+Any41yo, haven’t played in the league for a few years but last tier played was 4 and have played as high as 1 when the body was young and still resilient.


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