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Name Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Jason Hu (M)778-998-2098hhhu39@gmail.com8-10AnyLooking to join a team in pairs with my wife, both similar level. Played multiple leagues in BC for years and recently moved here!
Kevin Falk (M)kfalk22@gmail.com10+AnyHaven't played in awhile
Ronnie D'Souza (M)2042948476ron99ds@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed a bit in high school, would like to get back into it. 20, 6'
Kelsi Toews (F)3069469689kelsi.toews@usask.ca1-3Pwr25 yo, Played competitive club and highschool while in highschool, have been playing on 1-2 teams yearly since graduating (both indoor and beach).
Micah Charles (M)2045090119micahjcharles@gmail.comAnyAnyLast played in tier 3, looking to play in 1-4
Miles Mayordomo (M)4167793670milesandre.mayordomo@gmail.com5-7SMostly play as a setter or power. I've been playing in leagues for the last 5 years and usually play in intermediate/advanced level.
Micah Charles (M)2045090119micahjcharles@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed tier 3 last, looking for tiers 1-4
Rylee Andersen (F)2504325694ryleeandersen97@gmail.com10+Pwr/RSPlayed high school until grade 11 and a couple years of club. Haven't played for about 6 years
Immanuel (M)4317774956ifulugan@gmail.comAnyAnyJust graduated high school, played in school for three years. Decent knowledge of how to play the game but not the best. Will do my best to learn.
Leah Watkins (F)2046796189leah.jay@hotmail.comAnyPwr/RS29, played all throughout high school. I've only played beach volleyball (casual) since, but pumped to get back into the sport if you'll have me!
Jeffery Sotto (M)2042982922jsotto7@gmail.comAnyAny25 yo. Haven’t played competitively since highschool. Mostly played libero but open to play any position. Would enjoy playing in a competitive tier but open to anything!
Leslie B (F)204-668-7548elle.a.base@gmail.com10+MPlayed in this league 10 years ago. Looking to find a new team.
Zach Noga (M)2043969270Zach.noga12@hotmail.com3-5Pwr/RSPlayed 2 years of college/play co Ed tournaments
Kelvin Wong (M)2049986021Kw_m6@hotmail.comAnyAny
Rei Israel Manlulu (M)2042914009reimanlulu@yahoo.com10+AnyHave a very little exposure to volleyball but willing to learn and dedicate time for this sport.
Quinn Gilchrist (M)4313351409gilchrist.quinn@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed in College, 6'2 and can play any position
Nicole SJ (F)2045906443nicolearianasj@gmail.com4-6Pwr/RS
Michael 'Zan' Codilan (M)2042308995michaelchange1020@gmail.com10+MNo experience
Juliano Nieckaz de Assis (M)2042281036JULIANO_ASSIS@HOTMAIL.COM10+Any35, 6'5 Played in High School
Alex Ethier (M)2047931939agesaces@shaw.caAnySPrimarily a setter, but will play most anywhere. Can hold my own at most any level, but a bit rusty right will take a few sets to get skills back up.
James (M)204-509-3545tobaguy@gmail.com10+Any41yo, haven’t played in the league for a few years but last tier played was 4 and have played as high as 1 when the body was young and still resilient.


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