Co-Ed Indoor Beach Tournament!

Due to the overwhelming success of our first indoor beach tournament, we've decided to partner up with The Beach Center again to bring you 1st Annual Winter Slam Co-ed Indoor Beach Volleyball Tournament!

This time we will be fundraising for The Children's Hospital Foundation.

Facebook Event: 1st Annual Winter Slam

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Winter Slam

Drop in Volleyball Time

Good for player to practice of just get more playing in 

Starting Tuesday October 9th  there will be an adult Coed drop in Volleyball program happening at Valour CC ( IsaacBrock site ) 
It will run weekly on Tuesdays 9-11pm. 
•Intermediate / experienced 
•over 18 
•limit of 21 ppl per night 
•3$ per visit .  


Looks like we will have new Tachikaras shipment arriving just in time for the meeting! (new supplier) We are selling them at cost @ $65 each. Please contact Agata at if you want to reserve one or two volleyballs. 

General Information
  • WCVL is an independent league
  • The League is structured as a 19 Tier League (8 teams per tier)
  • Match play is on Sundays between 9:00AM and 10:00PM
  • WCVL is a not for profit organization.
  • The regular seasons run from September to April, with Tier Championships usually held during the last two Sundays of the season
  • There are three round robins of play. (7 matches per round robin)
  • Matches are played - best of 5. (Games 1-4 - no cap. Game 5 **15pts - no cap)
  • Tier movement occurs at the conclusion of each round robin.
  • The top two teams moves up to the next tier. The bottom two teams drop to the next lower tier. Tier placement is also reviewed by the executive.
  • All matches are officiated by MVOA officials.
  • For the 2018/19 season the total cost per team is $1360. This includes the required $100 performance bond for 21 matches.
  • Each team has a guaranteed minimum one Play-off match.

The WCVL is the largest volleyball league in Canada!

Big thank you to all of the WCVL participants & Staff for helping us take the title of the largest volleyball league in Canada!


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General Rules

On the Downloads Tab we have added a document outlining WCVL General Rules. This document summarizes the policy and has all important information that EVERY team captain has to know. Please take the time to read/download the document.


Executive Policy

The following is WCVL Policy reflecting all recent changes. Each captain has to be familiar with all rules and regulations. 

Executive Policy