Important Dates

Sept 27, 2015 1st Game of the Season
Oct 16, 2015 Registration & Full team fees are due
Oct 11, 2015 No games -Thanksgiving
Nov 1, 2015 Uniform Deadline
Nov 29, 2015 No Game – Grey Cup
Dec 27, 2015 No games - Christmas Break
Jan 1, 2016 Roster Freeze
Jan 3, 2016 Return From Xmas Break
Feb 7, 2015 No games – Super Bowl
Feb 14, 2016 No games - Louis Riel Weekend
March 27, 2016 No games - Easter Sunday
April 3 & 10, 2016 Playoffs
TBA Spring AGM-Mandatory!!!!




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Welcome to the WCVL Website

WCVL is a not for profit independant volleyball league operating in Winnipeg.  WCVL season runs from September to April annually and match play is typically on Sundays between 9:00AM and 10:00PM.
WCVL operates between 17 and 18 tiers (8 teams per tier) and has 3 round robins (7 matches per round robin) throughout the year with Tier Championships usually held during the last two Sundays of the season.  Matches are played as best of 5 (Games 1-4 - to 25 no cap. Game 5 **15pts - no cap.



Hello All,


AGAIN, we have been warned by the school division that teams are not properly placing nets on their hooks after games NOR are they keeping the gyms clean/throwing away their garbage.


It is imprerative that we all be adults and do these things, otherwise we risk losing this school division.


This possibly means:

1. We need to find different gyms (if even possible for our league size)

2. Fees WILL go up

3. We need to cut the amount of teams in the WCVL due to this.


It is the responsibility of both teams to make sure your court is clean after you play. If you bring spectators, make sure they clean up after themselves. If a slot leaves you a mess, take a photo and send it to your convenor. Clean it up or it is now your responsibility.

If you must send a photograph to your tier convenor proving that you did your job putting the nets away, then so be it. JUST MAKE SURE IT IS DONE.

Last warning. Any teams who do not abide by our requests will be fined $50 and their invitation back into the WCVL will be questionable.


Thank you for your cooperation.


-WCVL Executive Board

Feb 27th at Glenlawn
Coed 6s, WCVL Rules.

$240 to register (includes 6 Social Tickets).
Details/Registration Info can be found here:
  • WCVL is an independent league
  • The League is structured as a 17-18 Tier League (8 teams per tier)
  • Match play is on Sundays between 9:00AM and 10:00PM
  • WCVL is a not for profit organization.
  • The regular seasons run from September to April, with Tier Championships usually held during the last two Sundays of the season
  • There are three round robins of play. (7 matches per round robin)
  • Matches are played - best of 5. (Games 1-4 - no cap. Game 5 **15pts - no cap)
  • Tier movement occurs at the conclusion of each round robin.
  • The top two teams moves up to the next tier. The bottom two teams drop to the next lower tier. Tier placement is also reviewed by the executive.
  • All matches are officiated by MVOA officials.
  • For the 2014/15 season the cost per team is $1280. This includes $100 performance bond for 21 matches.
  • Each team has a guaranteed minimum one Play-off match.

The following is WCVL Policy reflecting all recent changes. Each captain has to be familiar with all rules and regulations. 

Executive Policy