Substitute Player List

Winnipeg Coed Volleyball provide this list for players who are available to substitute on another team for the upcoming / current season.

Note: You must be a registered player on a WCVL team to be added on this list.

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Name Sex Phone Email Tier Pos Availability
Reymar ParagasFemale2048808853r—paragas@hotmail.com1M/RSAny
RicharMale12048985489richardatcrown@gmail.com1SAny time
Jay FullanteMale204-898-1529fullante@shaw.ca10Anyanytime!
Alexis Campbell Female2048038256 10Pwr
Ferran CardinalFemale1.204.955.3483ferrancardinal@hotmail.com11S/RSPrefer Tiers 5-8.
Barry St.LouisMale2042984495barrystlouis@me.com12Any
Brittney TinckFemale2048904234ney.tinck@hotmail.com12M/RSanytime my team isnt playing
Kelly MirandaFemale2042272889kamiranda23@hotmail.com12Pwr/RSAnytime my team isn’t playing.
Reymar ParagasMale2048808853R—paragas@hotmail.com12Pwr/RSAny
Dave TMale798.9336 (204)davesub01@gmail.com14AnyHighest tier subbed T9, willing to sub higher. I can sub any time. Prefer txt.
Junel A. TrinidadMale2045102098savion_1@hotmail.com14AnyAny Time My Team Is Not Playing
A.Female2042297465voyovnytsya@gmail.com14Pwr/RSText or email to find out if I am free
Alisha B Van HelvertFemale2049974187Akeating1988@hotmail.com15MAnytime played tiers wwvl tier 4
Shalene T, HarperFemale204 963 3959shalene.t.harper25@gmail.com17Anyanytime, I am good saving the ball and I can hit left hand
Stean ReimerMale2043300007stean_reimer@hotmail.com17MAnytime my team isn\'t playing! Normally play middle but can play any position aside for setter!
Jack TranMale204998867806jtran@gmail.com18Any
Stean ReimerMale2043300007stean_reimer@hotmail.com18MAny time my team isn\'t playing (Outlaws) probably best in tiers 10 or under
Ashley BeckFemale204-761-8712ashleybeck_6@hotmail.com18Pwr/RSAnytime my team isnt playing (We Came to Smash), In WWVL - tier 4, Brandon Coed Tier 1&2
Brent McCaughanMale2044793499brentzilla@shaw.ca18Pwr/RSplaying on new team started this year. can sub any division 1-17.
Danielle VFemale2042311021dancor28@shaw.ca19Anyanytime loose ends isn\'t playing
Mark 19M/RSvia text
Courtney SaundersFemale2049185670courtney_saunders@hotmail.com2Pwr/MTuesday to Sunday
Paul TangMale2044307354studentpt17@hotmail.com3AnyAnytime Kill Squad is not playing.
Sara FFemale2045734049sarafriesen24@gmail.com3M/RSAny time Sunday!!!
Micah CharlesMale2045090119wpgboxer@gmail.com4AnyWhen Block Party isn\'t playing
Wilson SantiagoMale204-975-4929wilson.santiago06@gmail.com4Anywhen yo gabba isn\'t playing
Mike Male14033151022therightprice@hotmail.com4Pwr/MDependent upon work schedule
Marianne SalangsangFemale204-292-81165S/RSAnytime the Inner Ninjas aren't playing
Jerick cabelloMale2048980769Jerickcabello@hotmail.com6AnyRef the league on Sunday\'s need to know a week in advance
Shalene T, HarperFemale204 963 3959shalene.t.harper25@gmail.com6Anyanytime, I am good saving the ball and I can hit left hand
Jacob WynneMale431 999 2101jakewynne1986@gmail.com6M/RSWhen my other team isn\'t playing. I\'m 6\'6\' left handed. i got a basketball background with last year under my belt for vball and I\'m a quick learner.
Selena LevandoskiFemale204-509-5535selena.levandoski@hotmail.com7Pwr/RSAny time \
Christine YabutFemale2042984256christinejyabut@gmail.com8PwrWhen my team isn\'t playing.
Kat whitesideFemale204-510-3301Whitepaige@hotmail.com8S/RSPls txt. Have spared up to tier 3
Kaitlyn HeuringFemale204-996-6414kaitlyn.heuring@hotmail.com9AnyAnytime my team is not playing
Becca Brown Female204-557-944517brown.becca17@gmail.com9AnyAnytime my team isn\'t playing.
Ashley Female2044716511ashley-mccartney@hotmail.com9Pwr/RSWhen Hard Wood isnt playing.


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