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Team Name Tier Contact Phone Email Pos Notes
Davai10+Karen204-250-3143K_GALBICHKA@HOTMAIL.COMAnyTier 11. Looking for an experienced female player who likes to have fun.
Hard Wood8-10Ashley20447156511ashley-mccartney@hotmail.comAnyLooking for another male and female.
Bare Naked Trolls AnyLorne204 803 1220ljgroot@mymts.netSLooking for a male player to join are team. Had a bad injury and one guy decided to only spare after the season started
Casual SetsAnyDustin Wilson204-390-1585dwilson@kgsgroup.comAnyCurrently in Tier 15 looking for a male player
BAM7-9Heatherheatherbergman@hotmail.comSAre looking for a experienced female setter for our team
Turtle Squad10+Jim 204-510-3150vuongj12@gmail.comPwr/RSTier 13 team looking for two female players to join. Preferably hitters but all positions welcome.
Tight sets 10+Joel204-955-6684Jsolta6@gmail.comAnyCurrently a tier 14 team working our way back up. Looking for a full time female player. We only play with 6 so you will get maximum floor time. Competitive, but like to have fun.
Loose ends10+Danielle V2042311021dancor28@shaw.caAnyexperienced player, need an extra male
Hard woodAnyAshley2044716511ashley-mccartney@hotmail.comAnyTier 9, looking for a female who has experience.
Serves You Right10+Carrie204-612-2547AnyNeed a male to join our team due to injury in first game. Fun but somewhat competitive. Tier 16. Looking for someone who can commit, has good basic skills, and likes to have fun.
Bare Naked Trolls 6-8Lorne Groot204 803 1220ljgroot@mymts.netAnyHi we have been around for a long time. Injuries from last year have left us short. We go with 8 players so lots of playing time. We have lots of fun but we play a 110% all the time
In Your Face1-3Mitch Labossiere2047703372long_island@mymts.netPwr/RSLooking for an experienced full-time female player for Tiers 1-3.
Motivated for Sets3-5Clement Seyi204-250-95-74seyi_cleo@yahoo.frPwr/RSCurrently in tier 5, we are looking for a competitive girl who wants to have fun with experienced and skilled teammates
Volley Brawlers4-6 Chad2048983813c.langedock@hotmail.comAnyWe\'re an enthusiastic bunch of players looking for a full time female replacement. Committed and competitive are assets. Someone with energy and a positive attitude!! Please contact, thank you!
G-Whizz 1-3Lauren Nicholson2049609044laurentnicholson@gmail.comAnyCurrently a Tier 3 team looking for an additional male and female player. Must be experienced with high level competitive volleyball and dedicated to Sunday games.



Individual Player List

Winnipeg Coed Volleyball provide this list for players looking for a team for the upcoming / current season. Looking for a team? Click here to Sign Up

Name Phone Email Tier Pos Notes / Experience
Jyles Klassen (M)204 384-9050theklassen@gmail.comAnyM6'5. Played high school and club but it's been a while since I played competitively. Down to work hard and have some fun
Ang (F)2042297465voyovnytsya@gmail.com10+Pwr/RSI've played a few years in this league and the wwvl. Took a break for a couple years from the co-ed league and now would like to join again.
Kelly Miranda (F)2042272889kamiranda23@hotmail.com10+Pwr/RSBeen playing coed/women’s for about 9yrs now. Looking to play with a new more competitive/fun team. & I’m a very committed player.
Stacy Kozakewich (F)2042503409s.kozakewich@gmail.com10+Any
Ruslan Sychevskyi (M)2048993799ruslan.sychevsky@gmail.comAnyPwr/RS10+yeas
Leon Gusak (M)204-963-6830liolikliolik@gmail.comAnyAnyPlayed mainly recreational
Ferran Cardinal (F)1.204.955.3483Ferrancardinal@hotmail.com5-7S/RSNAIA. Club. High School. Prefer to Play RS in Co-Ed.
Jonathan Sambajon (M)204-930-2507UNKNOWN_azn321@hotmail.com10+Any
Olivia Surgeoner (F)204-295-6899livimuc@gmail.com10+MI'm 6'1 and have 10 years experience playing as a middle. I'm coming back from an injury and am hoping to slowly get back into the game.
Michelle Wang (F)2043964090444194538@qq.comAnyPwr/RS I have been playing for two years.I always play at high school team before.
Steven Powell (M)(204) 299-4190spowelljr@shaw.caAnyPwr/RS21 years old, 5'10
mark intalan (M)204 9982061msantiago8683@gmail.comAnyAny11
Dakota Nachbaur (M)2046791357kodabaer4@gmail.com10+Any
Noah natividad (M)204-471-6199Nuuahnatividad@hotmail.comAnyPwr/RSHigh school and coach u16 club boys
JP Carriere (M)`5. Played club, provincial team and post secondary. Can play anything but setter.
Natalie West (F)2048915115Hnatalie99@gmail.comAnyAny
Sydney (F)12042142111sydneykinkead@gmail.com4-6Pwr/RS
Alyson Mahar (F)6138887043alysonlmahar@gmailcom3-5SCurrently play in competitive volleyball leagues in Ontario, moving to Winnipeg in January 2018 and looking to play tournaments or sub.
Phil Dao (M)2049951781philtdao@gmail.comAnyAnyCurrently play in tier 2 wmva. Will play any position
Spencer Coughlin (M)2046123987scoughlin66@gmail.comAnyPwr/RSPlayed club from 14U-18U on 204, Jr. Bisons, and Joust
Jabin James (M)12042508522jabinj100@gmail.com6-8AnyNew to the league. Have experiance playing in highschool. love the game, want to get back into it.
Richie C Adrian (M)2047702126richard.adrian@bellmts.caAnyAnyTook a family break for a few seasons and looking to get back on a fun & competitive team. 6'1' & previously played Tiers 6-11 @ all positions
Courtney Saunders (F)2049185670courtney_saunders@hotmail.comAnyPwr
Jacob Wynne (M)431 999 2101jakewynne1986@gmail.com4-6M/RSgood day all! I have a basketball background with high school volleyball and we won tier 7 last year. i love the sport and i am a sponge on the court
Gavin Harper (M)(204)-890-3253AnyAnyGood, competitive, awesome passer, decent hitter. Contact me by text
Kim (F)2048037427jonassonkim@hotmail.com10+SPlayed VB in high school and for a couple of years after that, but haven't played since then.
Evan Husack (M)2048032815 (text only)hu-sack@hotmail.comAnyAnyDeaf player.Middle and high school experience plus year of rec team and participated Super Spike last year. I want to practice/train on regular basis.
Danielle (F)2042311021dancor28@shaw.caAnyAnyplease text or email
Patricia Agostinho (F)12047934884patriciaa1821@hotmail.comAnyAnyCoed recreations league 5 times 3 champions out of 5
Caitlin (F)1204 302 1249Kate_anderson222013@yahoo.com10+AnyI like playing Defense more than offence..can set, serve, dive, and I have quick reaction time.
Mark Intalan (M)2049982061msantiago8683@gmail.comAnyS/RS
Vincent (M)613-581-3311vincentsauve94@gmail.com1-3M/RS23 yrs old, 6'4, played 4 years university in Ontario, played middle but also RS and LS
Tessa Cooke (F)2049303154tessacharlie12@gmail.com2-4Pwr/M18 years old, 5'5. Have played four years of high school volleyball and WMVA League. Have played all positions but most successful at left side.
Patricia Scott (F)2042908115plscott_@hotmail.comAnyAnyCompetitive player
Keana Rellinger (F)204.249.0347keanarellinger@gmail.comAnyAny23 yrs old, played mostly setter/libero in HS and Uni Rec but comfortable anywhere, good serve. Competitive but wanting to have fun and meet people!
Renz Reyes (M)2049528198rreyes0912@gmail.com8-10S/RS
Marissa Knight (F)204-451-2083rubypaseo@gmail.com8-10MVarsity, coed, beach. My husband Tim is also looking to join. He plays p/m
Carrie Paukovic (F)2047811488Cpauk@hotmail.comAnySLove the game, want to get back into it.
Nico Monette (M)12047706400nicomonette8@hotmail.com4-6SI am currently playing for a tier 4 mens team, looking to play coed this year! Im a setter but can play outside
Parm Singh (F)(204)299-9771s.parmjot@yahoo.caAnyAnyPlayed high level of volleyball. I have played every position, looking to play competitively.
Sabrina (F)8193190271sab.c.lee@gmail.com8-10M/RSI've been playing volleyball for 13 years, competitive and rec. New to town and looking for some good level volleyball!
Breanna (F)2045888309breanna_martens@yahoo.caAnyPwr
Andie Jackson (F)andiejaxon@gmail.comAnyAnyRec league for beach and indoor 3+ years.. new to Winnipeg, looking to play on a fun team.
Brook-lynn McIvor (F)204 414 9200brooklynnmci_@live.comAnyMI've been playing on and off for three years, payed most of time on a seasonal high school team. Im a quick learner &I miss playing
Kris Trinidad (M)204-619-8629kristrinidad@gmail.comAnySPlayed 1 season last year but stopped after playing another sport. Looking get back into it again.


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